Sunday, June 8, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Yesterday was yet another rugby game for Hunter. We all tagged along - even Ashlyn, who normally doesn't roll over until noon. After a yummy breakfast at the Awful Waffle, we hit the road in pursuit of our goal, Sloan's Lake Park in Denver.

Naturally, we arrived way too early (thanks, Dad, for instilling in me that I have to be at least 30 minutes earlier than everyone else) and decided to take a walk around the lake. Hunter was enthralled by the geese that were there; the rest of us were just trying not to step in their poop. Denver being the disgustingly outdoorsy city that it is, created a walkway around the lake so that the various enthusiasts of the outdoor variety could, walk, bike, run, and step in goose poo.

Unfortunately it also allowed the couple walking past us to shudder with not-so-quiet laughter as Hunter yelled excitedly at the top of his voice, "Hey Mom! Look at this! The ducks had diarrhea!"

I'm glad they thought it was funny, because all I wanted to do was quietly drown.

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Peter said...

Oh my dad, your uncle John, used to have a passion for leaving early for just about everything. I just thought that he used to like to go to the church early to share a sample of wine with the priest... or whatever they drank before the mass. I think that is just the way I am too, early for everything.