Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more medication, please

Last week my doctor generously gave me a 'script for Xanax (aka Relaxant of the Gods) so that I wouldn't be quite as uptight as normal while I spend the week with family here in beautiful Breckenridge. I know Xanax works, and I know from experience that it works well for me. I also know that one must actually REMEMBER TO TAKE IT in order for it to perform its' intended duty.

Since I've been forgetting to take my meds, I've been medicating with liquid refreshment instead, and so far, it's been going okay. I've not physically assaulted anyone, though I admit to being a wee bit verbally abusive when people piss me off. I've only broken down in tears once and it was short lived because I swear I'm honestly and truly trying to relax.

Many, many kudos to my spouse, who reminds me every time he looks in my eyes just how lucky I am to have him. And to Boogie, too, who's cool as grits.

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