Monday, June 23, 2008

strange things are afoot in Highlands Ranch

I saw 2 things today that I really didn't expect to see, especially in Highlands Ranch.

As I was leaving my parents' house, I heard a loud noise, looked up and saw a black helicopter that appeared to be about to land on top of a neighbors house. Not something one would expect to see, is it? Nope, didn't think so. Anyway, the helicopter didn't land; it just made a u-turn and headed off in the other direction. And thank goodness, too, because I imagine that homeowner would've been a bit pissed off when the roof had to be replaced. And naturally, the 'copter would've disappeared and then, the insurance company wouldn't want to pay a claim, and well, you know how it goes from there.

And yes, as I was almost home, guess what I saw? Yup, the damn helicopter again. I began to wonder if I'd been caught doing something, but I knew I'd hidden that body really, really well, so I knew it wasn't me they were after.

But then, I had to stop in King Soopers - isn't that a dumb name for a grocery store? or any store, for that matter? - and I thought maybe I'd been put into a trance by the helicopter blades or something because when I was parking the car I didn't expect to see a guy in full cowboy regalia prancing around on his horse in the parking lot. I mean, I'd seen folks riding horses down the main street when we lived in Montana, and while I do live in Colorado, I don't live on a farm, in a small town, or any place where this would be okay to do. Then, eerily enough, the cowboy saw the helicopter and he galloped right out of there and off to who knows where.

Maybe the helicopter guy was chasing the cowboy? Now that's something out of the movies.

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Anonymous said...

i have been seeing helicopters and planes doing weird stuff too lately. i wonder what's going on. for instance, a helicopter was flying really low over one area, then it just left.