Wednesday, August 6, 2008

feels like the first time

A couple of days ago, Hunter went to the doctor to get a shot so he could begin 6th grade without the fear of getting tetanus, diptheria, or pertussis. I'm fairly certain he wasn't particularly concerned to begin with, but you know how the schools are.

Since I have Kaiser Permanente (a really good HMO if truth be told), they suggested that Hunter have a physical and I figured that if I'm going to pay $25 just for a shot, then I might as well get a complete physical for the same amount.

Everything was going great, Dr. V was doing the exam, and then all of the sudden she pops out with, "We need to do the genital exam." I don't think Hunter caught that at first (I was only listening with half an ear myself), but you could see his dismay as she mentioned he had to pull down his pants. OMG, his mortification was priceless! He was totally freaked out that someone wanted to see him with his pants down. He moved toward me like he wanted to hide behind me - and, in fact, really did try to do so - and I swear I tried not to, but I burst out laughing. Never in my life have I seen such a look of horror and embarassment come together in such a perfect way! If it weren't so damn funny, I'd almost feel bad for him, the poor kid.

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