Sunday, August 3, 2008

it was supposed to be different

You know, I thought that when Patrick moved out, there'd be certain things in my life that would change. However, this is not what has actually happened. Instead, I've begun to notice some scary parallels that have convinced me that life really is a circle.

Patrick - Move your head, I can't see the TV.
Bella - Lay down, I can't see the TV.

Patrick - Stop looking at my food. You have your own!
Bella - Hey puppy dog eyes, your food is in your dish.

Patrick - I wish you'd quit following me everywhere. Some privacy would be nice.
Bella - Go away! I'd like to pee in peace.

Patrick - I get tired of having to keep one ear awake at night so I can make sure you're not out of bed.
Bella - Do you really have to pee now? It's 3 am.

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