Tuesday, August 5, 2008

'but I'm too fat to die'

This guy raped and murdered two women in 1986 and was sentenced to be executed, but according to him, he's too fat and may suffer because
"executioners would have trouble finding his veins and that his weight could diminish the effectiveness of one of the lethal injection drugs." Well whoop de freakin' do. Who cares? I say the hell with lethal injection; bring back the electric chair and fry his lousy ass.

I'm sorry, (actually I'm not) but what makes it okay for him to not suffer when he raped and killed those women? Wasn' that pretty much the whole point of what he did to them? He's already spent more than 20 years on death row at the taxpayers expense; the people of Ohio have been clothing and feeding (and therein lies the whole problem as far as I'm concerned) this piece of crap, and now they might not get their payback at the end? Well that's just crap.

As it turns out, I have a solution to the whole situation, and it consists of just one word: DIET. Think about it, if you put him on Weight Watchers (because gawd forbid he loses weight in an unsafe manner - we wouldn't want him to suffer or anything), let him have all of about 25 points worth of food per day and make him do some cardio or something, I'd just about guaran-damn-tee that he'd be a whole lot skinnier come October 14, his scheduled execution date.

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Peter said...

I think perhaps a firing squad is better... price of bullets is cheaper than electricity too. Country is too liberal and everyone has too many rights especially the worse in the country's jails. Kids in schools have too many rights and the law unfortunately supports them...