Monday, September 8, 2008

winds of change

While watching the morning news today, one of the reporters made a comment that when he/she/it walked outside to come to work at 3 AM, there was the smell of snow in the air. While snow this early in the year is far from unheard of, it was only 44 degrees, so snow won't be happening, at least today. (It got me to thinking that maybe I should be a weather forecaster. After all, there's not another job on earth where you can be wrong more than half the time and still keep your job!)

So while the snow hasn't begun flying yet, the geese have, as evidenced by the loud as hell honking that was made as they flew overhead Saturday morning. Bella and I were throwing the Frisbee - okay, I was throwing and she was retrieving, most of the time - and when she saw them, she stopped, the Frisbee falling from her open, drooling mouth. You could tell that if she had wings, she'd have been chasing them, doing what it is her genes tell her to do, retrieve. And I bet she'd have been much better at chasing ducks than she is a Frisbee.

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