Saturday, September 6, 2008

a (few) day(s) late and a dollar short

I tried to post this last Monday, aka Labor Day or just one of the many days during the year in which I try really hard not to perform any labor, but I had 'puter problems. And as for not posting it any time within the last 5 days, well, let's just say I've had a life. So here it is...


Okay, I (along with approximately 179 (at last count)other honest bloggers) mooched this meme from Rocks In My Dryer. Being Labor Day, it's about - you guessed it - labor.


How long were your labors?
Ashlyn - 13 1/2 hours
Hunter - 6 hours

How did you know you were in labor?
Ash - I knew when massive back pains woke me up.
Hunter - When my eyes began rolling back into my skull at regular intervals.

Where did you deliver?
Hospitals both times. There's something to be said for modern medical care.

Ash - Absolutely! After I got the epidural, I felt nothing. It was the way science intended labor to be.
Hunter - Yes and no. I got an epidural and got one dose of meds but then Peanut's heartbeat dropped and my blood pressure dropped and they quickly decided that was going to be my one and only dose. After that, it was all natural. And very, very unpleasant. I think it happened because early in my labor I heard another woman screaming, and I made a comment that I was glad that wasn't going to be me since I was having an epidural. Apparently God thought otherwise.

Nope, although if I'd had one with Hunter, I could've been on drugs.

Who delivered?
Doctors, absolutely fab-a-luss doctors.

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Lynniepoo said...

Dallas- 25 hours
Emmitt-2 hours [c-section]

Dallas-Water broke

Both times at St. Vincent's in Billings

YA!!!!!!!I was even put to sleep for Emmitt's birth!

Dallas- no
Emmitt-Yes, thank God, 10lbs 14ox, 25.5 inches long!

Doctors in billings