Sunday, October 5, 2008

hmmm... very interesting

I got an email from my favorite Yankee, Bob, who passed this link along from the ABC website. There are 26 statements, 13 made by each candidate, and you choose the statements you feel best echo your own sentiments. At the end, it tells you whose policies you're most likely to agree with. Of the 13 statements, I only agreed with 3 that McCain made - which is no surprise to me. The really honest thing about this is that you don't know which candidate made which statement, so there's no such thing as going with the party line.
Try it and see if your beliefs really put you with the candidate you think they do!

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Lynniepoo said...

I had the EXACT opposite happen. We can't possibly have EVERYTHING in common now can we! :P Love ya sweetheart! Lynniepoo