Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three Things

Things That Scare Me

1. Not having enough money to retire
2. Running out of toilet paper
3. Ignorant people who are allowed to make rules

People That Make Me Laugh

1. My kids
2. My best friend, Lynn
3. Charles and Drew

Things I Love

1. Falling asleep while getting a foot massage
2. The sound of snow falling
3. Early morning when no one else is awake

Things I Hate

1. Ignorance
2. The lack of funding in Colorado for the developmentally disabled
3. My inability to be diplomatic/keep my mouth shut

Things I Don't Understand

1. Why I have 4 hairs on my chin that weren't there a year ago
2. People who complain about a situation but refuse to take steps to improve it
3. Why I cry when I think or talk about things I'm passionate about

Things on my Desk

1. Candles
2. Computer stuff
3. The talking Taco Bell dog that says, "Here lizard, lizard."

Things I'm Doing Right Now

1. Having my caffeine for the day
2. Listening to my cat, Napoleon, snore
3. Answering these questions - DUH

Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Go to Europe
2. See my children grow up and be responsible so that I'll know I didn't completely screw them up
3. Find peace and serenity

Things I Can Do

1. Tune out annoying noises
2. Support friends and family
3. Be obsessive about new endeavors

Things You Should Listen To

1. The laughter of a child
2. Your heart
3. Music that evokes a happy memory

Things You Should Never Say

1. I hate you
2. I can't
3. Never

Things I Would Like To Learn

1. How to be diplomatic and patient
2. How to snowboard
3. How to translate my enthusiasm for singing into talent

Favorite Foods

1. Mexican
2. Junk
3. Practically anything with a tomato-y sauce

Favorite Beverages

1. Water
2. Slightly sweetened iced tea
3. More water

TV Shows I Watched, Books I Read as a Kid

1. The Dukes of Hazzard
2. Night Tracks (pre-MTV music videos)
3. The entire Little House on the Prairie series

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