Friday, December 28, 2007

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall... (Updated)

Last night on CBS News, there was a segment about the daughters of political candidates and the rolls that they sometimes play within the campaign for President. Because Kenin and I are less interested in politics, we're more interested in ridiculous things like the number of movies Blockbuster has on its shelves or how many times Angelo will attack Napoleon before he decides to sit on him and squish every last ounce of life from Angelo's 3-legged body. Needless to say, before the segment was through, comments began to fly on which candidate's daughter was the prettiest.

Personally, I think Chelsea Clinton should get a few points at least, based on the fact that she was so damn ugly when Bill was in office, and now she looks a billion times better, but Kenin disagrees. He thinks that Meghan McCain is the winner. Leave a comment to let me know what YOU think!

Ashley Biden, daughter of Joe Biden

Napoleon, because he's very fat and very cute

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary Clinton

Cate Edwards, daughter of John Edwards

Caroline Giuliani, daughter of Rudy Giuliani

Angelo, because he's a tripod and doesn't know it

Sarah Huckabee, daughter of Mike Huckabee

Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain

Updated 1/20/08:

Okay, not even the 3 homeless guys voted in my poll, so as The Evil Queen, I hearby announce that the winners in the poll are Napoleon and Angelo, each tied with 44 gazillion votes. And all the rest of you can eat a poisoned apple. Have a nice day. ;)


Please go here for an important update on this story.


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, unless she got a new face that isn't Ashley Biden...went to school with her - that isn't her

Anonymous said...

anyone who saw Ashley Biden last night at the convention, can see that she is the prettiest

Anonymous said...

that is definitely not ashley biden... i dated her in college and that is not even close to what she looks like