Thursday, December 1, 2005

Real Life

Okay, here's proof that I really went to Denver to see the family.

Left to right, there's my Dad (This is the only picture I have of him smiling... ever.), my wonderful sister-in-law, Guli, me, my brother, Robert, and my son, Hunter. The cutie pie in the front is my daughter, Ashlyn. Thanks so much to Aunt Sally, who took the picture!

This is a picture that I took last night from my bedroom window. Yes, it's a bit distorted, by - you guessed it - snow! I came home early from Denver (Saturday vs. Sunday) so I could miss the nasty weather that was headed our way. We ended up getting a blizzard here in Iowa on Sunday, although only about 4 inches of snow fell. Then, yesterday, we got 4 more inches and it's supposed to snow more tomorrow, be cloudy on Saturday and then snow again Sunday and Monday. Ah, I love winter. (Okay, enough about the weather.)

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