Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I have strange dreams. And I don't mean those dreams that disappear from your mind after you've been up for 20 seconds, either. I have dreams that stick with me for years!

I've dreamed that I poured concrete to make a motorcycle seat with Jon Bon Jovi, and dreamed I was a spy - a female James Bond if you will - swimming in a pool, trying to get away from the bad guys. One time my then-best friend, Betty Jo (yes, I know how southern that is) was a gang leaders girlfriend and he used her for bait so that he could find me and kill me. When things get rough, I have a recurring dream that I'm driving uphill (like San Francisco uphill) on the interstate, trying to get to my parents house, but there's all kinds of road construction, and eventually my car takes flight to get away from it all. I've dreamed that World War III takes place in Boston Harbor, but I lead my friends and family to safety in the mountains (and as far as I know, you can't see Boston Harbor from the mountains). I've been fought over by actors Don Johnson (ew) and Jared Padalecki (yum). Sometimes I'm flying over the beach in a plane, defending it from aliens. Before I met Kenin, I had a recurring dream that always ended with me being held closely by a big, strong man, and I always woke with an incredible feeling of safety. Strangely enough, or not strangely at all, since I met Kenin, I've never had that dream again. And last night I dreamed I was pregnant and in labor in a hospital emergency room on a gurney next to an old black man, who was also in labor.

Weird stuff, my dreams, weird stuff.

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