Friday, April 25, 2008

Drunk With Power

Since yesterday was Take Your Child To Work Day, I took my child to work. It wasn't a huge change for Hunter, especially since I work at his school, but I think it turned out okay.

The morning was spent working with my kiddos, which was a wee bit less exciting than Hunter thought it would be, so when his class went out for recess, I shooed him out the door as well. But then came lunch time for the first graders...

During this time, my actual 'duty' is to keep an eye on Gap Baby (so named because if it doesn't come from The Gap, then it doesn't get worn) and to make sure that he stays seated, eats, etc., but he's a great little kid and doesn't need much more than just being aware of him and what he's doing. Naturally, this leaves me available to help out or be attacked by the other first graders who don't yet have the common sense to realize that it's easier to eat mac and cheese with a spork (spoon + fork = spork) than with your fingers, or who've made it their goal for the year to talk so loudly that I become permanently deaf. And this is where Hunter stepped in...

While giving the kids yet another lecture/verbal beating about the fact that they're just too damn loud(!), Hunter popped in with his 2 cents, so I had no choice but to introduce him to them. I don't know if it was because he was a 'big' kid or what, but they were enthralled by him. He took over (much like his mother has been known to do) and became a man on a mission. If there was a hand up, he made a bee line to it. If they had to potty, he gave them permission. If they wanted ketchup for their salad, he made sure they had it. He was absolutely drunk with the power that he had over these kids. And I think it's quite possible that he found his calling in supervising lunch for first graders.

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