Sunday, August 22, 2010

seen and heard

So, living downtown has been interesting so far.  It rocks that there's so much to do and a lot of it is so close that you can walk to just about everything.  Last weekend, Kenin and I decided to go to a Rockies game and we were able to walk there in 15 minutes, which I must say was pretty awesome.  When we were in the burbs, it was a 40 minute train ride, plus the 15 or so minutes it took us to get to the station, so it's a definite upgrade.

And yeah, the people here are a bit different, too.  For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I was stopped at a stop sign, and there was a guy on a bicycle next to me.  He looked to be 35-40 and was clearly uncomfortable, which I'm guessing had something to do with him getting cat calls from a guy on the corner dressed like the biker from the Village People.

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